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Discipline Policy

SCL has its own certified standing orders for its manufacturing units which are applicable to all workmen which certify both the code of conduct to be followed as well as the legal rights of employee and employer in enforcing discipline at the workplace. These certified standing orders are in line with the statutory model standing orders as laid down in the Indian labour laws.
SCL also has a code of conduct under the guidelines of which it wishes to conduct its business and this is applicable to all employees and reflects the culture and value systems of the company. All employees are expected to act as custodians of the same.
Apart from the above, since we are in the business of producing materials for human consumption and are committed to follow Good Manufacturing Practices, we have written Standard Operating Procedures for all activities as well as the formats for generating data and resultant analysis.
All employees of SCL are committed to follow these regulations in letter and spirit apart from the standard terms and conditions of employment.
Employees found guilty of violating these will be subject to disciplinary action.
SCL is committed to follow the natural principles of justice: -
No person will be a judge in his/her own case.
Every person has a right to a hearing
Punishment should be commensurate with the crime
No person is guilty until proven so
Every person has a right to defend himself.
SCL follows the statutory requirements of labour laws but will not tolerate people misusing the provisions to safeguard the rights of the innocent for trying to cover up any violation or misconduct.
Any disciplinary actions will start with a show-cause which can be converted into a charge sheet, the facts of which will be investigated with an enquiry officer and a decision taken.
The functional head of any department is the disciplinary authority for all employees in that function and the CMD is the appellate authority for all employees of SCL.
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