Equipment Details

API Plants
No Of Pharma Blocks: 9, all with Class 100,000 powder processing
No. of reactors: 82, Capacity: 260KL varying from 1000 L to 6,000 L
Total: ~100 mix of GLR and SS
HP API, R&D Block
ISOLATOR facility for high Potency APIs on kg scale installed.
R&D Facility, with several wet and dry Labs
Kg Scale and Pilot Facility
Two Pilot and one Kg Scale facility
Equipped with Class 100,000 Area
Class 100,000 powder area
No of Reactors: 18 : Pilot: 2*3 GL , 2*3 SS, 1 PV, 1 Cryo​ Kg Scale: 4 of 63 L , 2 GL, 2 SS​
Intermediate Manufacturers