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Training and Development Policy

The various categories of training programs conducted at SCL are: –

Induction Training Program
GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) Training
Functional Training
Safety & Housekeeping Training
Contract Staff Training
Leadership development training
External Training
In-house training programs by external trainers.

HR prepares an annual training calendar considering the business needs of the organization as well as desired organizational competencies required to fulfil those needs. Over and above the business needs, GMP training forms a major part of our training calendar.

For all categories of training, SCL has created a team of internal trainers based on their qualification, training and experience from respective departments where it is mandatory that the trainer should possess minimum 5 years of working experience in the concerned area.

HR circulates the annual training calendar to the functional and departmental heads for nomination of employees to various training sessions.

Based on nominations received and availability of trainers, HR makes a monthly training plan by defining the dates, venue, trainer and participants for each session. This plan is circulated to all concerned employees including trainers.

GMP trainers are certified as per GMP guidelines and authorized by Head- Quality. Certified trainers also undergo retraining as per approved schedules.

Apart from the above, there is need based training also in the following circumstances: –

Major revision in SOP / documented procedure
Major non-conformance
Change in job responsibility on account of promotion/internal transfer

After each training session, a training evaluation is done through a written or verbal test and the scores are recorded and if any participant does not achieve the minimum required score, he/she must undergo a re-training session.

Relevance of various training programs:-

Induction training prepares the employee for integrating into the organization and introduces him/her to the business objectives and their individual job roles.
GMP training covers all aspects of production from the starting materials, premises and equipment to the training and personal hygiene of staff
Functional training provides knowledge to an employee of what to do, why they are doing it, what decisions they must make and the constraints on their decision making as well as the impact of their work on other departments.
Safety & Housekeeping training covers occupational hazards, essential precautionary measures, emergency preparedness and fire protection measures as well as material safety for new products.
Leadership development training helps develop managerial skills and the ability to lead large teams successfully.
External training sessions are organized to keep employees abreast of latest developments in various business aspects and employees who attend these sessions are required to come back and share their learning with other employees through formal training sessions.
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